Reseller Commissions

The Gold Sales Commissions

Valid from: 07/01/2020

Payment Policies
Payments to sellers will be made in two parts (50% when confirming payment and the remaining 50% after the product is delivered to the buyer) when the carrier confirms delivery of the products to the customer. The transaction is made by electronic bank transfer on the first Thursday after the product is delivered.

Commissions Gold sales
The use of the sales portal has a monthly cost of $ .15.00 (fifteen dollars) plus taxes, however for the first 12 months the monthly cost is $ .5.00 (five dollars).

GENERAL CATEGORY                                                        COMMISSION
Computers and Tablets                                                                       5%
TV Audio and Video                                                                               7%
Cell phones, Telephony and GPS                                                    7%
Tech Accessories                                                                                    10%    
Cameras                                                                                                     7%
Video Game Consoles                                                                          7%
Videogames                                                                                             7%
Home                                                                                                          10%
Food and Drinks                                                                                     10%
Appliances                                                                                                7%
Office and Stationery                                                                           10%
Health and Personal Care                                                                  10%
Toys, Children and Babies                                                                 7%
Baby Food and Diapers                                                                      10%
Sports and Free Time                                                                          7%
Accessories for Cars and Motorcycles                                           10%
Books, Magazines, Music and Movies                                           10%
Pets                                                                                                             7%
Pet Food                                                                                                    10%
Fashion                                                                                                      7%
Sportswear                                                                                               7%
Gifts                                                                                                             7%

* According to the tax regime to which the seller belongs, the corresponding tax will be applied.

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